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      "Excellence In Wire Harness Manufacturing"

      Custom Contract Manufacturer

      Wire Tech Ltd.

      Wire Tech is a custom contract manufacturing company that offers small, medium and large run production of wire harnesses, cable assemblies, fuel hose assemblies, and related components used in the appliance industry, lawn and garden industry, and the production of consumer goods. Our expertise includes prototyping, design consulting, research and development, and inventory of products for JIT delivery. From a simple wire harness design to high temp wiring design, or from molded assemblies to custom kitting, we can handle a wide range of applications for cost effective manufacturing and delivery of quality components.
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      Wire Harness Manufacturer

      Wire Harness Manufacturer

      As an American wire harness manufacturer we are ideally suited to work with companies throughout the USA to design or manufacture custom wire harness products requiring 2-26 gauge wire, single or multi-conductor, standard or hi-temp, for most any application. Our services include engineering design support, prototyping, wire and cable marking, strip and crimp, splicing, and other wire harness manufacturing services. We offer some of the fastest delivery times in the industry and maintain highly competitive pricing.
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      Assembly Manufacturer

      Wire Harness Sub-Assembly

      As an American manufacturer of assemblies we can easily deliver orders to manufacturers throughout the USA. We have supplied assemblies for some of the top OEM manufacturers including General Electric, Whirlpool, Briggs & Stratton, and Kubota. We offer competitive pricing for quality work with some of the shortest lead times for custom assembly manufacturing.
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